RoLO (Registration Of Landscape Operators)

What is ROLO ?


The Department of Trade & Industry made it a ‘duty of care’ that all trade bodies ensure that their members were adequately trained in Health & Safety and that all employers should show that personnel are properly trained.

The ROLO Scheme (Registration of Land based Operatives) is open to anyone who works in the Land based Industry. This includes labour only, self-employed and employees of companies. On completion of a One day Land based Health & Safety Course, a card (including photograph) would be issued to the applicant, similar to a credit card. This is issued to an individual and will be valid for 5 years. Any other relevant training, i.e. NPTC Pesticide, chain saw, ride on mowers etc would also be acknowledged on the card.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • Provide a means of identification
  • Keeping a record of workers in the landbased industry who have achieved a recognized level of competence
  • Raise the standards of Health and Safety to reduce the risks and accidents throughout the industry
  • Encourage employers to use only ROLO card holders who have accredited Health and Safety Training.

Benefits to the Employer

The ROLO scheme aims to provide the following benefits to employers:

  • Identification of operatives with recognised skills, competence and qualifications
  • Raising of quality workmanship
  • Improved Health and Safety awareness of the workforce
  • Identification of training needs to improve or add to existing skills
  • Move towards an increasingly qualified workforce, thus improving customer satisfaction and the industry’s image.
  • ROLO health and safety is the only industry accredited route to CSCS
  • ROLO health and safety is recognised as a route for health and safety training in the National Highway Sector Scheme 18 accreditation.

Benefits to the Employee

The ROLO scheme is an individual registration card, and provides the card holder with the following benefits:

  • Recognition of skills, competence and qualifications
  • Improved health and safety awareness
  • Improved employment prospects
  • Identification of training needs to improve or add to existing skills
  • Improved employment prospects as your prospective employer will be able to see your qualifications on one card
  • It may reduce insurance premiums for the self-employed

Quality Assurance: ROLO

How to Obtain a ROLO Card

Attendance of a ROLO health and safety course is required to obtain any LISS/CSCS card regardless of qualifications.

The ROLO health and safety course, is a one day approved health and safety awareness course. The course is required to have been completed less than 2 years before application.

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